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Small group summer, winter, and spring educational youth camps focus on different aspects of horsemanship, groundwork, and riding skills. Camp activities will also include non equestrian activities such as farm games, swimming, learning survival skills, crafts, sports (soccer, volleyball, football), archery, karaoke, and much more :) 

Each camp week will have a theme and, on the last day, participants will have an opportunity to showcase what they've learned.


*Camps run from 9 am-2:30 pm

*Cost: $85/day/camper

*Campers Ages 6 + are welcome

(exceptions can sometimes be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the camp director).


Next Camp Dates:


27-31: Paint By Horse 

Did I hear someone say pink horse! Horses can have over 25 colorings and patterns. Join us as we learn the common and more rare colorings. Who knows, we may even get to color our own horse! 


03-07: Into the Splash 

Are horses good swimmers? What about divers? Let's explore the history of horses and water! We can even show them how us humans swim by jumping in ourselves! 

10-14: Trotting with the Stars

Do you just have to dance when you hear your favorite song? Guess what, horses love music too! It can even calm them down when they're stressed. Come dance with the horses and see for yourself!

17-21: Zen in the Zoo

Nothing helps calm the senses and bring a smile to our faces quite like animals. Let's explore the world of therapy animals and see why these amazing friends make such wonderful companions. 

24-28: A Horse, A Horse, Of course it's a Zorse 

There was once a zebra named stripes who just knew he was different. Come help us figure out why. Could it be that he's part horse!?

1-5: Tiny Tail Tag
Have you ever wondered why some animals get a long so well and others just chase each other in circles? Let's find out who makes the best team for a game of tag. 
8-12: Terrestrial Trailblazers
Did you know horses used to have toes? Join us as we go on a journey through time and space to discover the evolution and migration of horses. 
15-19: Horses & Heroes
Few things are as cool as a superhero on a horse. Let's learn all the famous horses and maybe even create our own superhero/horse team! 
22-26: Up Up and a Horse

Let's blast into the future and discover our greatest dreams on horseback. There's no better way to set the tone for a great academic year ahead!

Space is Limited so Please Call/Text to Register.

We look forward to making memories with you!

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